We’re very proud to be a family-friendly event. However, there are a few things to note before your family arrives.

Children under 16 years old need to be accompanied on-site at all times. Any children 16 years found on their own, will be looked after by the V.I.E. welfare team and we will try and get in touch with the parent.

An extra measure to keep kids safe will again be in place at VIE. You will find at the table marked “SAFETY/FIRST AID”, where you can pick up and fill in an identification wristband that will be available for kids to wear. In the event your child becomes separated, officials will know whom to contact just by looking at the child's wristband. The parent or guardian's name and mobile phone number will be written on the underside, and the information will not be visible unless the wristband is removed. A wristband will not be removed from a lost child until the parent is present, to ensure the V.I.E. Safety Staffer can properly identify the parent/guardian during reunification. 

TIP: Take a photo of your children on your mobile phone in the morning so that you have the most recent photo on you